Razorthink DL Library

This page provides the documentation to the Razorthink DL Library used in the Platform to build and run Deep Learning models.

What is rztdl?

Razorthink’s Deep Learning Library (RZTDL) is a wrapper on top of Tensorflow which is designed with basic 4 entities:

  1. Layer - The entity provides Neural Layers which can be embedded inside the model
  2. Operator - Operators which takes in one or more layers and gives N number of layers based on the operation
  3. Model - Container for Layers - A Neural Network Model
  4. Network - Container for Model with respective Hyperparameters

Design Principles of RZTDL:

  • Simple and Clean API
  • Lightweight Library
  • Zero Memory Leaks
  • Easy Installation
  • Proper Documentation

You can find the complete documentation here. This will open in a new tab.