User Guide

Refer to this guide to know how to use and leverage the features and capabilities of Razorthink AI — everything from setting up your project to monitoring your model’s training metrics to deploying them on a REST API.

ProjectsHolds together all the artifacts related to the AI that you’re building.
WorkspaceData storage, sharing and collaboration facility.
Data RecipeComposable sequence of data transformation operations.
DL Model DesignerDrag-n-drop interface to design and build deep learning models.
Pipeline BuilderDrag-n-drop interface to compose an end-to-end workflow.
Run ExplorerManage, compare and schedule pipeline runs and model trains.
JupyterJupyter notebook to test code and run experiments.
Platform SettingsUnified interface to manage users, libraries, permissions etc.
User ProfileManage user name, roles and option to logout of the platform.